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[00:00.00]93   Talking About Work
[00:03.59]   谈论工作
[00:07.18]What kind of job have you had?
[00:13.35]A:What kind of job have you ever had?
[00:18.00]B:I used to work as a teacher.
[00:22.15]A:How did you like your job?
[00:25.81]B:Oh,if I hadn't moved here I would never thought of changing it.
[00:32.05]What sort of job would you like to take?
[00:38.92]A:What sort of job would you like to take?
[00:43.18]B:I prefer a sedentary job and I used to work as an operator.
[00:49.63]A:We need an operator now.
[00:53.68]B:It's just the job I've been searching for.
[00:58.44]Which job do you prefer...?
[01:05.10]A:Which job do you prefer,an accountant or a secretary?
[01:11.26]B:Neither,I prefer an active job.
[01:15.70]A:Then how about a salesman?
[01:19.96]B:That's better.I like travelling.
[01:24.01]I have done something like that before.
[01:31.87]A:Are you familiar with the office management?
[01:36.94]B:I have done something like that before.
[01:41.30]A:Are you still interested in it?
[01:45.06]I think I an.I left the job only because it was too far from my home.
[01:52.33]I once had a job in...
[01:59.77]A:May I have your resume,please?
[02:04.16]B:Yes,I need a job that can give full play to my skills.
[02:10.22]A:Do you like a job in a library,working with books?
[02:15.97]B:I like peace.As a matter of fact,I once had a job in a library.
[02:22.81]I used to work for...
[02:28.66]A:I suppose you've had many jobs,George.
[02:33.52]B:Yes,I used to work for stone,preparing computer programs;
[02:40.08]I was a businessman tow years ago;
[02:44.75]and I even ran a small factory until last year.
[02:49.51]I used to hold a similar job for six years.
[02:58.16]We need aa person who knows how to operate and repair all kinds of office appliances.
[03:05.23]B:I used to hold a similar job for six years.
[03:10.28]A:So you're quite confident in your experience and skill
[03:15.63]B:I think so.
[03:18.87]Actually,I received that kind of training.
[03:28.25]A:We need to know whether you have the special training.
[03:33.50]B:Actually,I received that kind of training when I was in college.
[03:39.43]A:How about your experience?
[03:43.40]B:I worked as a PR clerk for one year
[03:47.84]and then as manager of PR department for three years.
[03:53.12]I am thinking about changing my job.
[04:00.48]A:I'm really tired of my job in the bank.
[04:04.85]I'm thinking about changing it.
[04:08.92]B:Have you any definite idea?
[04:13.00]A:Not yet,what's your opinion?
[04:17.04]B:I think you'd better try an active job.
[04:21.72]Are you getting overtime?
[04:27.96]A:Are you getting overtime?
[04:32.12]B:Yes,but it's not so appetizing.
[04:36.38]A:Have you thought about another job?
[04:40.53]B:That's what's hanging on my mind recently.
[04:45.20]May I ask,do you get a handsome salary?
[04:53.96]A:May I ask,do you get a handsome salary?
[04:59.23]B:Oh,so-so.They won't offer a handsome salary for an average job.
[05:06.18]A:What do you do?
[05:09.63]I work as a distributor at night from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m at home through computer.
[05:18.09]How do you like it so far?
[05:25.96]A:What's your present job?
[05:29.82]B:I'm a football coach.
[05:33.58]A:How do you like it so far?
[05:37.24]B:I like the young guys.I like sports.
[05:41.99]How many hours do you have to work?
[05:49.26]A:How many hours do you have to work?
[05:53.91]B:My job is a nine-to-five one.
[05:58.37]A:Do you do anything else the rest of your time?
[06:02.92]B:I'm a trainer in a fitness center.
[06:07.49]I find my job...
[06:13.24]A:I find my job extremely boring these days.
[06:18.70]B:But,Jean,didn't you say you love meeting new people every day?
[06:24.26]A:Yes,but now they become regular customers.
[06:29.59]B:Let's see whether we can change one.
[06:34.16]My job pays well.
[06:40.82]A:How do you like your job?
[06:44.66]B:I like the feeling it gives me.It makes me feel important.
[06:50.62]A:How's the salary?  B:Oh,my job pays well.
[06:55.90]I started to get a $120-a-month rise last month.
[07:06.24]A:I started to get a $120-a-month rise last month. B:Congratulations!
[07:14.49]A:So I don't have to leave my job now.I like my students.
[07:20.56]B:I'm happy to see you change your mind.
[07:25.00]A university lecturer is better than a restless businessman.
[07:30.77]It's hard work but stimulating.
[07:39.83]A:What's your job,may I ask?
[07:44.09]B:I'm a professional baseball player.
[07:48.35]A:You must feel tired since you have to be active all the time.
[07:54.10]B:It's hard work but stimulating.
[07:58.25]Are you busy with...?
[08:04.91]A:What's your job?
[08:08.07]B:I'm a teacher,and I like the feeling it gives me.
[08:13.14]A:Are you busy with the students every day?
[08:17.50]B:No,my working hours are flexible except the hours for lectures.
[08:24.45]I work on the day shift.
[08:30.62]A:I hear some of your colleagues work at night.How about you?
[08:37.07]B:I work on the day shift.A:It sounds better!
[08:42.42]B:Perhaps,but they are more beautifully paid.

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