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Harmison: What are you doing here? Are you hurt?

Santiago: No, no, no, no. I got great news.

Harmison: What?

Santiago: I made the reserve squad.

Harmison: Oh, that's great.

Santiago: I've only one week left on my trial. I mean, this game is make-or-break. If the boss sees me do well, he'll keep me on.

Harmison: I'm sure he will.

Man: Halt. Do you play for Newcastle?

Santiago: Yeah.

Man: Well, sign your name on that.

Santiago: OK.

Harmison: They'll all be asking for your autograph soon. You know.

Santiago: Will that bother you? What is your problem with footballers?

Harmison: I don't have a problem with football. It's fame I have a problem with. It's my dad's fault. He was in a rock band that got hot for five minutes.

Santiago: No way. Would I know him?

Harmison: I doubt it. I was only three. Anyway, the point is, some of the players remind me of him. One minute they're nice, uncomplicated guys and the next they're ridiculously rich arseholes who walk out on their families.

Santiago: It was my mother who left mine.

Coach: Sit down. Pay attention. The Dagger's hamstring seems be holding up, so we’re going to give him a half. Santiago, I want you on the right flank. Keep track the number eight. He's a slippery bugger.

Jamie: I'll translate that for you later.

Coach: Jamie. I want you toslot in behind the two strikers. Remember, don't let 'em panic you into playing football.

Man: Howay.

Coach: Right. Come on. Let's go.

Footballers: Let'skick some arse, fellas. Come on, boys. Let's go. Let's do this.


1. Keep on

Keep on 这里是表示“Maintain an existing situation保持现状”,例如:After Mr. Brown died, the housekeeper wondered if she would be kept on.

Keep on 常用的是表示“持续做某事,坚持做某事”,例如:If you keep on singing they'll ask you to leave.

2. Halt

www.hubotong.com_【官方首页】-虎博通Halt 这里表示“停,站住”,是一个很有趣的表达。我们以前学过的类似意思的表达还有hang on,也是表示让对方“暂停”。例如:

Halt! Who goes there? 站住!谁?

3. Walk out on

这个片语的意思是“Desert, abandon抛弃”,例如:He walked out on his wife and five children.

4. Slot in

Slot in 指的是“置于或分配到一个位置上”,这里是教练在给球员分配位置,他想让Jamie 在两个前锋之间。

5. Howay

英国东北部方言,俚语,意思相当于“come on”,“hurry up” 等等。例如:Howay man!

6. Kick some arse/ass

这里的意思是“To put all one's effort into winning”,大约球队在大比赛之前都会这么说吧:OK lads, let's get out on the pitch and kick some ass.


Newcastle United Football Club 纽卡斯尔联队

Newcastle United Football Club (also known as The Magpies or The Toon) are an English professional football team based in Newcastle upon Tyne. They play in the Premier League (英格兰足球超级联赛) and are historically the seventh most successful club in English football. This takes into account all results since the beginning of English league football in 1888 but have won no significant competitions since their victory in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1969.

The club formed in 1892 after the merger of two local clubs, Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End, and has since played at St James' Park, the old Newcastle West End ground in the city. Newcastle United supporters refer to themselves as the "Toon Army". Newcastle's traditional local rivals are Sunderland, with whom they have contested the Tyne-Wear derby since 1898.


Newcastle originally wore red and white stripes when the East End and West End clubs unified, continuing the tradition of the defunct Newcastle East End. To avoid confusion with their neighbors Sunderland, Newcastle changed to their now familiar black and white stripes in 1904. Ever since then, this basic color design of the home kit has remained steadfastly unchanged, although the sock color has occasionally changed from black to white over the years - notably during the Ruud Gullit era, who believed white was lucky. They have also sometimes worn white shorts when playing other stripe-wearing teams who also wear black shorts.

Newcastle's shirt sponsors were Scottish & Newcastle Breweries from 1982 - 1986. In 1986, Greenalls took over and ran until 1990 when S & N returned for a ten year stint. In 2000, NTL took over for three years, and then the club was sponsored by Northern Rock. Newcastle's home and away kit is currently manufactured by Adidas and in the past has been manufactured by Admiral, Bukta, Umbro and Asics.


Newcastle has a large fan base and the 3rd highest average attendance in England. Supporters often refer to themselves as the "The Toon Army" and the "Geordies". The name Toon originates from the Geordie word for town. It is not known for sure where exactly the term Geordie comes from. It may originate from the Geordie lamps, which were miner's lamps developed by George Stephenson in 1815. However it has also been claimed that in 1745, George II recruited many troops from around the Newcastle area. They were known as "George's men", which became "Geordies men" in the local dialect, hence Geordies.

Newcastle's supporters are one of the most passionate sets of fans in the country, with consistently large home crowds of around 52,000. The club is based in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, the only major club in the city. In recent times, where other clubs have attracted fan bases from all around the world, Newcastle's fan base is still mostly within Britain, with a small percentage from other parts of the world, particularly Scandinavia and Australia.

Like all major English football clubs, Newcastle has a number of domestic supporters' clubs. The club's supporters publish fanzines such as True-Faith and The Mag. In addition to the usual English football chants, Newcastle's supporters sing the traditional Tyneside song "Blaydon Races".



1. 他们整晚都在唱歌。

2. 他和妻子吵架后就把她抛弃了。

3. 去温布尔登给我打场胜仗吧!

Goal!《一球成名》(精讲之二)考考你 参考答案

www.hubotong.com_【官方首页】-虎博通1. 黑猩猩的画作正在出售。

Chimpanzee's artwork is on the block.

2. 我们的候选人绝不会输的。

There's no way our candidate can lose.

3. 士兵们不允许去酒馆。

The tavern is off limits to soldiers.

4. 他们靠政府救助金生活,买不起任何奢侈品。

They couldn't afford any luxuries while living on the dole.


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